The Radish Farmer’s Story

Another Story from the Near Future

Photo by Rarnie McCudden from Pexels

Small-time to Big-time in No-time: Radish34 Takes the Up-Front and Recurring Costs Out of Flexible Supply Chain Integration

A Novel Way of Using the Ethereum Blockchain Mainnet Makes Supplier Reputation Transferrable, and Lets Buyers, Suppliers and Insurers Have Confidence in Data Consistency Without Sacrificing Security, Control, or Compartmentalization.

The Private POC Era

Not So Private After All: Trouble in the Private Supply Chain Silo

Safe Without Silos: The Modern Radish34 Supply Chain Standard

Here’s how it works.

Building Reputation Without Exposing Relationships

We earned points for every event where we lived up to an agreement without an incident.

The Benefits of Having All Partnerships on the Same Global Network

Things I Don’t Love About Radish34

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