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“Celia the CISO on the use of the Mainnet in the Enterprise

We are the people…

How to make a decentralized organization that can change course nimbly.

Maybe a fever dream, but I’m thinking about an approach for DAOs that can pivot without sacrificing decentralization.

A few years ago, we were toying with the notion of what I was calling “two factor decision-making.” …

Official Press Release Here * Website Here

May 21, 2020, 10:00AM US-ET, New York, NY — Today, the Baseline Protocol, an OASIS open source initiative, published a demo…

Another Product Review from the Near Future

This story is fiction…until it isn’t:

Credit: Getty Images

The list of great tools for Zoom just grows and grows. Many during the Covid-19 pandemic discovered the joys of magic backgrounds, and recently, Zoom added automatic voice transcription via Otter.

Today, Zoom announced yet another innovation that I’m already having a hard time…

Open Source Community Already Building Content

Today at noon, the open source Baseline Protocol initiative opened its Github repo to the public.

You can find it at:

And the documentation is here:

And of course, the website (currently getting an upgrade) is at:

There’s a lot out there already about what the baseline…

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